What’s One of the Easiest Things You Can Do to Live a Longer and Healthier Life?

Regular blood pressure checks for longer lifeBelieve it or not, a lot of people have high blood pressure but they don’t get their blood pressure checked because they feel alright.

“Having your blood pressure taken may be one of the easiest things you can do to live longer,” a doctor said to his patient, Janet, inside the exam room. He then proceeded to tell her that having her blood pressure checked on a regular basis facilitates timely treatment and control of hypertension.

Over 65 million Americans and approximately a billion people across the globe have hypertension. And sadly, they walk around like ticking time bombs, and don’t even know that they have high blood pressure! Even those who have the means to seek treatment and have access to modern healthcare services fail to do so because they forget to have their blood pressure checked.

What is high blood pressure and what does it feel like?

To put it quite simply, high blood pressure happens when your arteries are clogged, providing resistance each time the heart pumps blood to your blood for distribution to different parts of the body. Resistance in your blood vessels will increase your blood pressure. And when this happens and remain uncontrolled with medicine and lifestyle changes, complications like heart disease and kidney problems.

headache and high blood pressure
You may have high blood pressure but still feel good. Hypertension is often silent and oftentimes, patients report dizziness or the usual headache. The ceiling of the normal range for blood pressure is 140/90 and a lot of people have blood pressures way more than that even after a doctor’s visit. Why? They neglect to follow the prescribed treatment protocol and continue with their diet of salty and processed foods. Stress is also a contributing factor.

The good news for people with elevated blood pressures, according to Janet’s doctor, is that it can be lowered effectively with the help of antihypertensive medicines, exercise, and a healthy diet. ‘The most important things to remember here is that there are things that can be done to normalize blood pressure but these are only possible if people know they have hypertension. This is the reason why you should have your blood pressure checked even if you feel absolutely fine. ” the doctor said.

Tragedy at the Ballgame

Tragedy at the ball game 28-year-old teacher chokes on a hot dog and a video about what to do when someone is choking: well worth the few minutes to learn to avoid being one of the thousands.

Estimated thousands of people die from choking how to avoid being a statistic?

How could a vibrant young woman choke on a hot dog? Why is it important to know what to do? It could happen to anyone.

Ineffable. That means it can’t be described in words. That seems an appropriate appellation for what happened at the ball game. A lovely young woman, a teacher, Maureen Oleskiewicz, a dedicated Cubs fan out to enjoy herself at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field chokes on a hot dog. It reminds us once again of how precious life is and sometimes how tenuous it can be. Do you know what to do if someone is choking? Do you know what to do if you are choking?


And what if you are choking and there’s no one around to help? How can you treat yourself for choking? Here’s a suggestion as depicted on some first aid sites.


  • To perform abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver) on yourself:
  • First, if you’re alone and choking call 911 or your local emergency number immediately. Then, although you’ll be unable to effectively deliver back blows to yourself, you can still perform abdominal thrusts to dislodge the item.
  • Place a fist slightly above your navel.
  • Grasp your fist with the other hand and bend over a hard surface, a countertop or chair will do.
  • Shove your fist inward and upward.