Make Cataract Surgery Choices with Your Doctor

The three types of cataract surgery today are phacoemulsification, extracapsular extraction, and intracapsular phacoemulsification. Intracapsular phacoemulsification is the type of cataract surgery that is most used. The surgeon makes a tiny incision, and an ultrasound probe is used to dissolve the cloudy lens. Using the same probe, the fragments of the lens are suctioned out. […]

What’s One of the Easiest Things You Can Do to Live a Longer and Healthier Life?

Believe it or not, a lot of people have high blood pressure but they don’t get their blood pressure checked because they feel alright. “Having your blood pressure taken may be one of the easiest things you can do to live longer,” a doctor said to his patient, Janet, inside the exam room. He then […]

Bluberries May Lessen Heart Attacks in Women and What Do Blueberries Have in Common with Viagra?

  WHAT DO BLUEBERRIES AND VIAGRA HAVE IN COMMON? THEY BOTH INVOLVE INTERACTION WITH THE INNER LINING OF BLOOD VESSELS Researchers at Harvard have published a study suggesting that blueberries may help women lower the chance of a heart attack. Beginning in 1991, they tracked more than 100,000 women ages 25 to 42 with food-frequency […]

Does Long Term Aspirin Use Lower Colon Cancer Risk

CAN USING ASPIRIN LOWER CANCER? It would certainly be a wonder drug if it was discovered today. Nevertheless, aspirin is still in the headlines almost every week as the results of one study or another seem to shed light on yet another remarkable property of aspirin. Controversy swirls around aspirin with some doctors swearing by aspirin […]

Head Concussion Sports Injury You Don’t Need a Head Hit

Concussion and Head Injury in Sports Concussion Even Without Head Hit: In 1904 Theodore Roosevelt Threatened to Ban Football CHILDREN’S FOOTBALL GAME LATEST SPARK TO IGNITE SPORTS CONCUSSION CONTROVERSY The NY Times had a shocking article about a little league football game where 5 concussions were diagnosed and yet the game went on. The repercussions […]

Does Vitamin C Prevent Nitrosamine Formation What are Nitrites and Why are they in Hot dogs and What is the Connection to Cancer?

The Government Has Food Makers Add Ascorbic Acid to Hot Dogs and Cold Cuts to Try and Block Cancer-Causing Nitrosamines Confusing would be an apt description of the whole controversy swirling around hot dogs, cold cuts and franks and the nitrite and nitrate in them. An article in the NY Times about hot dogs, food […]


An Operation Robbed Him of Some Short Term Memory But He Showed He Was Plenty Smart and Now He Has Graduated College “A malignant brain tumor, discovered shortly after he began his freshman year at Rutgers University in 1995, robbed Andrew Engel of much of his short-term memory. His drive and intelligence, however, remained undiminished. That is […]