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No Really...Chicken Nuggets Safer Than Ground Beef or Chicken ??

Well This is a Discombobulating Development: Chicken Nuggets Safer Than Ground Beef or Chicken ?

Center for Science in Public Interest:Report What Meats More Likely to Make You Sick

Is it possible? You may want to put down your fork for a minute...Could chicken nuggets actually be safer than hamburger or chicken? That's an eye opening conclusion of a new report that "examines 12 years of foodborne-illness outbreak data—over 1,700 outbreaks—and ranks meat and poultry foods on a scale from Highest to Low Risk".  They put food safety under a microscope  from the aspect of foodborne illness from bacteria or viruses or the like. The safety of food from added chemicals such as sodium nitrate or processing or the chemicals produced from grilling or charring meat is an entirely separate issue that is not dealt with in this report.
Holy Toledo! You Can Get Norwalk Virus from  Improper Hand Washing!

A Route for Food Borne Illness is Via Hands That Aren't Washed Properly

The report focuses especially on how improper handling both during production as well as cooking and handling can all be the source of different illnesses. Some of the illness can even be transmitted from the people handling the food if they don't wash their hands properly. Norovirus, which in Britain is commonly referred to as Winter vomiting bug "tends to cause vomiting and to spread more easily in winter, when people tend to spend more time indoors and near to each other".

"Ground beef with a severity index of 869 racked up 336 outbreaks in twelve years, making
it the second most common source of meat or poultry outbreaks reported to CDC(Center for Disease Control)
. Over 3,800 people were sickened in those outbreaks. E. coli O157:H7, a pathogen with a high rate of hospitalizations (46.2%), was responsible for over 100 of the outbreaks".

"This report identifies the meat and poultry products that pose the greatest risk of causing serious illnesses. CSPI’s conclusions are based on 12 years of documented foodborne outbreaks from meat and poultry that occurred in the U.S. between 1998 and 2010".

Analysis of the outbreak data reveal the following ranking of risky
meats and poultry foods:
Highest Risk: Chicken, Ground Beef
High Risk: Beef (Other), Steak, Turkey
Medium Risk: Barbecue (Beef or Pork), Deli Meat, Pork, Roast Beef
Low Risk: Chicken Nuggets, Ham, Sausage

  • Risky Meat: A CSPI Field Guide to Meat and Poultry Safety