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Does It Make a Difference What Time You Take Blood Pressure Pills ...Possible Night Bedtime Advantage for Taking Some Hypertension Meds and a Video

Does It Make a Difference What Time of Day You Take Your Blood Pressure Pill? ..Advantage to Some Bedtime Hypertension Medicine?

What difference could it make what time a person takes a blood pressure pill? Could it help if you swallow some of your blood pressure pills at bedtime? Well, apparently it does matter, at least in some people and according to some medical studies. It certainly seems like something that is worth discussing with your doctor.I guess it makes sense because we do know that there is such a thing as the body clock, the body has a diurnal rhythm. And apparently high blood pressure a.k.a hypertension is yet another body function influenced by time of day.

"Clinical studies have documented morning-evening, administration-time differences of several different classes of hypertension medications in blood pressure lowering efficacy, duration of action, safety profile, and/or effects on the circadian blood pressure pattern. In spite of these published findings, most hypertensive subjects, including those under combination therapy, are instructed by their physicians and pharmacists to ingest all of their BP-lowering medications in the morning".

Blood pressure is dependent on a variety of factors. The heart ejects the blood under pressure and sends it coursing around the body and to and through a labyrinthine array of blood vessels and body tissues such as the kidneys which in turn exert their own pressure and resistance to the blood flow. The arteries, for example, are sheathed in muscular layers that are influenced by neurological (nerves) control and that also exert a force on the blood and there are also thin walled veins.

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    Taking Blood Pressure Pills at Bedtime May Prevent More Heart Attacks and Strokes

    Dr Ramón Hermida (University of Vigo, Spain) has previously published studies looking at whether there is a benefit to having a person take at least one of their blood pressure medicines at night at bedtime as opposed to taking all medications in the morning. "The prospective MAPEC study was specifically designed to test the hypothesis that bedtime chronotherapy (time related therapy) with ≥1 hypertension medications exerts better blood pressure control and cardiovascular risk reduction than conventional therapy, i.e., all medications ingested in the morning".

    "Patients were enrolled if they had a diagnosis of either untreated hypertension (based on ambulatory BP monitoring [ABPM] criteria) or resistant hypertension (uncontrolled on ≥3 optimally dosed antihypertensive medications)".

    The result of the study was "Bedtime chronotherapy( therapy related to timing) with ≥1 BP-lowering medications, compared to conventional upon-waking treatment with all medications, more effectively improved blood pressure control, better decreased the prevalence of non-dipping, and, most importantly, significantly reduced cardiovascular morbidity and mortality". Dipping refers to the phenomenon that most people have a night time dip in their blood pressure but many people with high blood pressure don't experience the dip.

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