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What is the Meaning of Life A Children's Cancer Specialist Tells What He Does and Why

Why Become a Doctor and What is the Meaning of Life?

It's Not Just an Education, It's an Inspiration, A Pediatric Oncologist, A Doctor who Researches and Treats Cancer in Children, Tells How and Why He Became Who He Is

Did you ever wonder what is the meaning of life? . Why are we here and what is important in life? Those are pretty deep questions. Questions that probably everybody asks themselves especially when they are confronted with some momentous event in their life. You ask yourself what is important and sometimes you ask How can I contribute? What can I do to make a difference? One answer and certainly a wonderful and brilliant answer is to dedicate your life to lifting some of the heavy burden off the shoulders of mankind. And what if you could do it by dint of your thought and actions? That would be something!!

You should read... maybe even study the blog called Dr. David's Blog, It's not just an education, it's an inspiration!

One man who lives the dream and is doing that every day is Dr. David, a pediatric oncologist. As he says "Why oncology? I was attracted to the science. Understanding how cells work fascinated me, and when I realized that cancer is a perversion of the normal processes of cell biology, I knew what I wanted to study".

"Why pediatrics? That's even easier. I love kids. I love their undying optimism, their boundless enthusiasm for life, they never ending need to explore the world around them, and their seemingly limitless ability to love those around them".

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