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Sailing the Atlantic Climbing Tall Buildings Not Superman But Lung Transplant People

Sailing Across the Atlantic, Climbing Tall Buildings It's Not Superman It's People with Lung Transplants

Who Gets Lung Transplants ?

Just the thought of climbing the 95 floors to the top of a tall building makes me tired. And sailing across the Atlantic? I don't think so! So I have been intrigued to say the least to read stories of people who have lung transplants sailing across the Atlantic and climbing to the top of the Hancock Building in Chicago.

I read the story of an attractive blond woman, Cassie Stanley, who in the picture anyway, resembles Jennifer Anniston, prepping to climb 95 floors of the John Hancock Center in Chicago. It's especially noteworthy because Stanley has had lung transplants because of her history of cystic fibrosis. The climb is part of a fund raiser for a lung health organisation. And if that is impressive how about Justine Laymond sailing the Atlantic after a double lung transplant?

According to CNN, "The 39-year-old from England, who has suffered nearly 20 lung collapses due to a condition known as Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), is part of a multinational crew taking part in the bi-annual Clipper Round the World Yacht Race -- the only sailing race in the world where crews are made up by ordinary people, many with little or no sailing experience".

"This year more than 500 people from 41 countries are taking part in the 40,000-mile relay race, which started in August 2011 and is set to finish later this month. The line-up this year consists of ten identical 68-foot long yachts -- all sponsored by different cities around the world -- that are currently on the eighth and final leg of the race".

Why Has the Outlook for Cystic Fibrosis Improved ?

In general, people with cystic fibrosis are living longer and longer as the the treatments get better and better. According to an article in the NY Times back in 2009 there were at least 30 drugs to treat cystic fibrosis in the development pipeline. In cystic fibrosis, the lung function is impeded because of the lack of certain enzymes.

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    Stanley had her lung transplant at Loyola University Medical Center in the Chicago suburbs.
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