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What Do You Call a Country Where 1/3 have High Blood Pressure What Works for Hard to Treat High Blood Pressure Maybe Spironolactone

Country Where 1/3 of the People Have Hypertension What Works for People With Hard to Treat Resistant High Blood Pressure:

Could a Drug Like Spironolactone Tame Hard to Treat High Blood Pressure a.k.a Hypertension Even in People With No AldosteroneProblems? Resistant High Blood Pressure Despite 3 or More Medications

What do you call a country where 1/3 of the people have high blood pressure and less than half have it under control? Hint: It was founded in 1776.
(Vital Signs: Awareness and Treatment of Uncontrolled Hypertension Among Adults — United States, 2003–2010). Resistant high blood pressure, which is defined as high blood pressure despite the use of three or more high blood pressure medications is common. So what do you do?

What is the Scientific Medical Name for High Blood Pressure ?

Yes, it's true! Some people can be on as many as 3 different blood pressure pills and still not have good blood pressure! Some doctors are pointing to a class of blood pressure pills called aldosterone antagonists. Some studies have shown that drugs like spironolactone can control resistant hypertension. To some degree treatment of high blood pressure, a.k.a hypertension, with medicine is trial and hopefully not much error. Doctors focus medication to deal with the cause. One cause is too much aldosterone. Many times, maybe most, the cause of hypertension is not clear.

Could These Drugs Help High Blood Pressure Even in People Without Aldosterone Problems?

Some doctors are wondering if these aldosterone antagonists might help even those without aldosteronism (too much aldosterone production).
Our adrenal glands manufacture a hormone called aldosterone. Aldosterone regulates sodium (as in salt) and potassium in the body. Sometimes too much aldosterone causes high blood pressure. Aldosterone antagonists counteract this. Some doctors speculate these aldosterone antagonists might work even without aldosteronism.

In this video a well known physician discusses high blood pressure

In the U.S. there are 2 drugs in the aldosterone antagonist category: Eplerenone and spironolactone. Spironolactone is an old drug and eplerenone is newer. Spironolactone was approved in 1960 as Aldactone, a treatment for primary hyperaldosteronism. Although spironolactone has been around for a while, the realization that it's drug class might work in resistant high blood pressure is of more recent onset.

Here is an older video discussion of resistant hypertension.

Spironolactone can have side effects, some of which are potassium problems, gynecomastia.

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