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Does Long Term Aspirin Lower Colon Cancer Risk

Does Long Term Use of Aspirin Help Prevent Colon Cancer?

Can using Aspirin Lower Cancer?

It would certainly be a wonder drug if it was discovered today. Nevertheless aspirin is still in the headlines almost every week as the results of one study or another seem to shed light on yet another remarkable property of aspirin. Controversy swirls around aspirin with some doctors swearing by aspirin and others swearing at it.

Heart Attack Prevention But Cancer Too?

Probably the most well documented benefit of aspirin is a probable effect to lower the chance of heart attack. Sure aspirin isn't for everybody, say people with ulcers,bleeding problems and some people with asthma for example. Yet, it seems the studies of aspirin benefits just keep rolling in.

Long Term Effects of Aspirin

Take for example, "Long Term Effect of aspirin on Colorectal cancer Incidence and Mortality:20 Year Follow=Up of Five Randomised Trials". Gee! The title is almost as long as the whole study!

Basically, the authors looked at four trials in the 1980's and 1990's with cardiovascular (heart related ) outcomes. Even though the studies were about the effect on the heart ,the authors looked to see whether the participants in the study had died of colon cancer. "We followed up four randomised trials of aspirin versus control in primary (Thrombosis Prevention Trial, British Doctors Aspirin Trial) and secondary (Swedish Aspirin Low Dose Trial, UK-TIA Aspirin Trial) prevention of vascular events and one trial of different doses of aspirin (Dutch TIA Aspirin Trial) and established the effect of aspirin on risk of colorectal cancer over 20 years during and after the trials by analysis of pooled individual patient data".

What did the Study Say?

What the heck are they talking about? Well, what they are saying is they looked at 14,033 people in control or intervention groups. They found that aspirin given at any dosage for an average of 5.8 years lowered the long term risk of colon cancer. They suggested the strongest benefit might be in an area that is hard to reach by common diagnosis methods such as colonoscopy.

  • Long-term Effect of Aspirin on Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality: 20-year Follow-up of Five Randomised Trials

    Several reports have alluded to cancer reduction by aspirin such as a previous study by Harvard scientists.

  • Aspirin and Aspirin Related Medication NSAID May Reduce Risk of Colon and Rectal Cancer