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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery and Low Calorie Diet for Diabetes 2

Can Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Control Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? Cleveland Clinic Declares Bariatric Surgery as a Top Medical Innovation

Many diabetes experts now believe that weight-loss surgery should be offered much earlier as a reasonable treatment option for patients with poorly controlled diabetes. Also in a related development scientists in England have reported treating type 2 diabetes with extreme diet.

What is the difference between diabetes Type 1 and Type 2?

Type 2 Diabetes, which tends to be the kind people get when they are in middle age or older usually is a problem more with so called insulin resistance where the cells aren't responding efficiently to the insulin (rather than as in Type 1 where there is a deficit of insulin) although it's not quite that clear cut and people do get insulin injections sometimes even for Type 2 Diabetes.

Have gastric bypass surgery. Lose your diabetes? Could it be that simple? There is evidence that gastric bypass surgery can help people with type 2 diabetes to the degree that the Cleveland Clinic put bariatric weight loss surgery on their list of the top 10 medical innovations of 2013. The benefit of gastric bypass surgery for some people with diabetes may derive from more than just the simple weight loss.

What is the evidence that weight loss surgery can help diabetes type 2?

According to a past article in the LA Times, "As many as 86% of obese people with Type 2 diabetes find their diabetes is gone or much easier to control within days of having weight-loss surgery, according to a meta-analysis of 19 studies published earlier this year in the American Journal of Medicine (78% of patients with a remission of diabetes and 86.6% with remission or improvement). But experts still aren't sure why obesity surgery helps resolve Type 2 diabetes or how long the effect might last. And they disagree on how big a role surgery should take in treating the illness."

Have Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Lose Type 2 Diabetes Could It be That Simple?

Purple Medical Blog had written previously about another study called Adjustable Gastric Banding and Conventional Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes. Researchers divided obese people with Type 2 diabetes into two groups. One group of obese diabetics got weight loss surgery, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding and the other group of diabetics got conventional diabetes therapy with a focus on weight loss by lifestyle change. The researchers found that "participants randomized to surgical therapy were more likely to achieve remission of type 2 diabetes through greater weight loss. These results need to be confirmed in a larger, more diverse population and have long-term efficacy assessed".

Video Says Gastric Bypass Might Improve Diabetes

"The study, of 60 patients, showed that 73 percent of those who had the gastric banding surgery had complete remissions of diabetes, meaning all signs of the disease went away. By contrast, the remission rate was only 13 percent in those given conventional treatment, which included intensive counseling on diet and exercise for weight loss, and, when needed, diabetes medicines like insulin, metformin and other drugs". Type 2 diabetes is the more common form of diabetes. Doctors have known for some time that weight loss tends to improve Type 2 diabetes. It tends to appear in older people and can be due to a lack of sensitivity of the insulin receptors in the body. Type 2 diabetes is more likely to be treated with pills than insulin shots.

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    The Times article writes "There is strong evidence that surgery -- especially gastric bypass surgery, which makes the stomach smaller and allows food to bypass part of the small intestine -- causes chemical changes in the intestine, says Dr. Jonathan Q. Purnell, director of the Bionutrition Unit at Oregon Health & Science University. The small intestine has been thought of simply as the place where digestion occurs".

    "But researchers now suspect it has other functions related to metabolism. (Gastric Bypass) surgery somehow alters the secretion of hormones in the gut that play a role in appetite and help process sugar normally".


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