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Head Concussion Sports Injury You Don't Need a Head Hit

Concussion and Head Injury in Sports Concussion Even Without Head Hit: In 1904 Theodore Roosevelt Threatened to Ban Football

Children's Football Game Latest Spark to Ignite Sports Concussion Controversy

The NY Times had a shocking article about a little league football game where 5 concussions were diagnosed and yet the game went on. The repercussions from that game are still reverberating. "The debate the game has further fueled is not likely to calm any time soon. Head injuries in the National Football League remain the league’s greatest safety concern, and the league’s greatest legal liability".

"Ivy League universities have ordered limits on contact in practice, to reduce the risk of brain injuries. And Pop Warner, the national organization made up of hundreds of thousands of children, some as young as 5, has adopted its own safety guidelines, based in part on the medical wisdom that the brains of young boys are particularly vulnerable".

A head concussion is one of the most prominent of sports injuries. Diagnosis requires a high degree of suspicion when you suspect an injury. Concussion is a disturbance in brain function. It can be caused by an indirect or direct force that results in shear stress to the head. You don't need to get hit in the head to have a concussion. Brain injury can happen by rotation or angular force. In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt threatened to outlaw football after 19 college football players were killed or paralyzed from brain or spinal cord injuries.

You may or may not pass out. Even though the brain is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid, protected by the skull and cushioned by the meninges i.e. the linings of the central nervous system, the impact of a concussion can cause brain damage and repeated concussions can cause cumulative damage to the brain.

"It’s true that coaches have become better educated about concussions. The days of patting the athlete who’s had his “bell rung” on the backside and sending him back into the game are diminishing. Most now realize that someone who’s had a concussion needs rest. He or she may need to take a break from the sport, or even from school. This allows the brain to devote all its resources to healing".

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