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Brains Scans Show Physical Activity Protects Brain

Scientists: Brain Imaging Suggests Physical Activity May Protect the Brain Especially the Brain of Older People

What did the brain scans of active people show?
Edinburgh scientists said they saw evidence on brain scans that physical activity kept people's brains in better shape. They looked at older people who did physical activity such as long walks several times a week to see if activity affected their brains. The scientists report in the journal Neurology that they looked at more than 600 people in their 70's.

What did the brain scans study of active people conclude?

The brain scans of the walkers showed less atrophy, shrinkage and better white matter integrity. They concluded "In this large, narrow-age sample of adults in their 70's,physical activity was associated with less atrophy and white matter lesion. It's role as a potential neuro protective factor is supported: however, the direction of causation is unclear from this observational study."
  • Neuroprotective lifestyles and the aging brain Activity, atrophy, and white matter integrity