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It's a Conundrum :New Study Suggests Low Carbohydrate Higher Fat Diet Might Be Effective and Ok At Least Short Term with Exercise

It's a Conundrum :New Study Suggests Low Carbohydrate Higher Fat Diet Might Be Effective and Ok At Least Short Term with Exercise Watch the Video

Short Term Scientific Study on Low Carbohydrate and Exercise

Dieting, to paraphrase Mark Twain, is easy, I've done it a hundred times. Dieting and Weight Loss or rather the lack of weight loss is the bane of many people's (such as my) existence. The high protein low carbohydrate diet has been around in one form or another it seems like for eons. Most recently as the Atkins Diet and before that the Stillman Diet. But it recently popped up again on my radar when I saw an article Eating Fat Staying Lean in the NY Times.

Low carbohydrate diet books,some of which are also high fat diet books have made some people millionaires. It's easy to find people who swear by low carb success but it's also easy to find others who swear at low carb diets saying the diets are dangerous because of the high fat. Frankly, when people are trying to sell you something they may not always be objective and wearing a white coat does not make you a scientist.

Low Carb Diet Study Reported at Meeting of American College of Sports Medicine

There have been reports in the scientific literature both pro and con low carbohydrate diets. Now a new report on low carbohydrate diets has popped on the radar. The NY Times talks about a report by Kerry Stewart , director of clinical and research physiology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, that suggests that a meaty diet...may be less unhealthy for the heart at least in the short term, when accompanied by cardiovascular exercise.

Per the NYT, “It took people less time to lose 10 pounds” on a high-fat diet-and-exercise program, about 45 days on average, than the 70 days it took for those who exercised and followed a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet constructed using guidelines from the American Heart Association, said Kerry J. Stewart, director of clinical and research exercise physiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and lead author of the report".

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"In the current study,(which was short term and only 46 participants) participants followed a diet based on the New Atkins for Life approach, which includes more vegetables than the original Atkins diet, Dr. Stewart said, adding that he and his colleagues have no ties to and receive no financing from the Atkins diet organization".

  • Eating Fat Staying Lean
  • Report Entitled Losing 10 Lbs With A Low-CHO Diet Plus Exercise Does Not Impair Vascular Function
  • Origins of the High Protein Low Carbohydrate Diet

    Banting Makes a Breakthrough in Carbohydrates

    In the 1860's an Englishman named William Banting,who was so obese that he had difficulty navigating stairways and bending over to tie his shoe, having tried and failed at many weight loss regimens took the advice of a doctor named William Harvey and used a low carbohydrate diet to successfully lose weight. Banting, who was not in the medical profession (actually he was an undertaker) was so impressed by his weight loss that he decided to self publish his experience so that others could benefit from it.

    Low Carbohydrate Draws the Ire of the Medical Establishment Even In the 1860's

    But even in the 1860's advocates of low carbohydrate dieting were already having run ins with the medical establishment as this quote from the preface of Banting's pamphlet attests. "I heartily thank the public press for the general fairness of its criticisms, and feel deeply indebted to the Morning Advertiser for its able article on 3rd October, 1865, when I was so sadly and unjustly attacked by certain pro­minent members of the British Association, whose feelings, now that the subject has been more widely and intelligently examined and discussed, I do not envy".