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Videos about the Laron Dwarfs: Science Study of Dwarfs Who Don't Seem to get Cancer or Diabetes Mellitus

Videos about the Laron Dwarfs: Looking for Mimic Druug as Study Continues of Laron Dwarfs Who Don't Seem to get Cancer or Diabetes Mellitus

University Research Looks for Drugs to Mimic Laron Syndome Effect

Fascinating article appears of a study of a group of dwarfs who have been studied for years..The doctor following them noticed that this group of dwarfs in Ecaudor, Laron dwarfs didn't seem to get cancer or diabetes mellitus....The doctor, Dr. Guevara believes that the gene that stunts their growth also helps to prevent cancer and diabetes mellitus. Researchers are trying to illuminate the biological pathway and find drugs to mimic Laron Effect.

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  • 'Immune' to cancer: The astonishing dwarf community in Ecuador who could hold the key to a cure

    Article from Science
  • Growth Hormone Receptor Deficiency Is Associated with a Major Reduction in Pro-Aging Signaling, Cancer, and Diabetes in Humans

  • Dwarfs without Cancer or Diabetes