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Quadruple Amputee Swimmer Successfuly Swims English Channel

Video of Man Whose Arms and Legs Were Amputated after Electrical Accident Swims English Channel with Prosthetic Legs

I don't understand why the news doesn't cover this story more

This is one of those hard to believe but true inspirational stories about Man versus Life, a quadruple amputee with prosthetic legs swims the English Channel. But wait there's more! This guy has also parachuted out of an airplane. I wonder if Hollywood has contacted him yet about a movie based on his life.. Croizon had his arms and legs amputated when a surge of electrical current traversed his body. According to the report while he was in hospital, Mr. Croizon saw a tv report about a channel swimmer and the idea began to roll around in his head. This isn't even the quadriplegic hero's first long swim. Previously, he swam a 12 hour course.

  • Quadruple amputee swims the Channel :Philippe Croizon, who lost his limbs in an electrical accident, uses flippers to make crossing in 13 and a half hours