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Comparing a Laptop to a Netbook Review of the Advantages of The Toshiba Nb205 What is a Good Netbook with a Long Battery Life

Comparing a Laptop to a Netbook Review of the Advantages of The Toshiba Nb205 What is a Good Netbook with a Long Battery Life

Netbook with Wi-fi and Extra Long Battery Life Helps the Sun Shine on Cloud Computing

I was a true believer in "cloud computing". But it was only after I got a netbook, a netbook with a really long battery life running Windows XP that I felt I had a truly portable computer. When I bought a laptop a few months ago I thought I had a ticket to computer coolness and the world of portable wi-fi. But what good is having a "portable" laptop if it is
a. heavy
b. has a short battery life
c. it gets so hot you can fry an egg on it

I got tired of fighting with people for an electrical outlet as my laptop always lost battery power after maybe one and half hours(not the advertised three).

My netbook is a Toshiba Nb205. The battery life is said to be 9 hours. I don't know if that is so but I do know that it lasts much much longer than my more expensive (and heavy) laptop loaded with Vista. The Nb205 is also lightweight, around 3 pounds!

Let me say here and now I bought my netbook at the local big box store. I have no connection with Toshiba. In fact, I didn't know you could get a netbook with a nine hour battery life since most of the netbooks I had seen were rated at 3 hours or maybe 4.

On the other hand the one glaring weakness of the Nb205 is the sound speaker. I don't know what they were thinking when they designed a great netbook with awesome battery life, lightweight and stylish and yet put this tinny sounding speaker thing in. Ah well, at least it sounds ok with headphones. The Nb205 uses an Intel Atom processor which is a processor found on many netbooks. It is engineered to use much less power than some of the "full size" Intel processors, so lasts longer and generates less heat. But it 's not as powerful either.

Netbooks are designed to be primarily used for Internet surfing but they can run regular computer programs too. They usually don't have a dvd drive in them but you can attach a lightweight external drive via a usb port when you want to load new software or play a movie.

Advantages of Netbook over Laptop

  • Longer Battery life (sometimes but many still only run for 3 hours)
  • Not as Heavy as Laptop (the Nb205 is something around 3 pounds)
  • Usually not as hot since uses processor designed for netbooks to use less power

    Advantages of Laptop over Netbook

  • Usually more powerful processor
  • Better faster running programs (don't even try to do video processing on a netbook)
  • Usually has built in dvd player /burner
  • Probably better speakers (the speaker ,yes speaker! on my netbook is not only weak but is face down so when you put the netbook down it muffles the sound)
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