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Controversial "Fat Melting" Procedure: Some Swear By It Some Swear At It

Physicians Spar Over Injections Touted As an Easy Alternative to Liposuction

A way to lose fat without dieting. Lipodissolve and lipolysis like just about anything having to do with weight loss and fat reduction, is fraught with controversy. "Come in on your lunch hour, have a few injections and melt away those stubborn bulges of fat. That promise has made injection lipolysis also called lipodissolve and mesotherapy one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures in the country, with centers sprouting up almost as fast as Starbucks stores" and according to the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, the latest "miracle" lipo dissolve is right up there in the controversy department.

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    "Marketed as a safer and less invasive alternative to liposuction, proponents say lipo-dissolve is useful for treating small "problem areas" such as love handles, bra fat and a softening jaw line. The idea is to get rid of resistant fat deposits using a series of injections to the same area such as the abdomen. A growing number of doctors, nurses and even spa personnel are offering the procedure known in medical circles as injection lipolysis.

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    "Driving the demand for a fat-dissolving miracle is the insatiable quest for thinnerness, a rise in noninvasive cosmetic procedures specifically injectables such as Botox and Restylane and doctors who want to capitalize on both. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery members reported performing injection lipolysis on nearly 29,000 patients in 2006, six times more than in 2005".

    "The idea behind injection lipolysis arose in the 1950s in France, where doctors began practicing what was known as mesotherapy, a broad term for injecting substances under the skin. They weren't targeting fat but were injecting different vitamins to treat a variety of ailments. In the late 1960s, doctors in Germany started injecting PCDC, a mixture of phosphatidylcholine (a chemical found in soybeans) and sodium deoxycholate (derived from cattle bile) into the fat layer under the skin to break it down."

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    "Never mind that neither the procedure nor the drug cocktail used has FDA approval. Never mind that Kansas and Nebraska are trying to ban the procedure. Never mind that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery do not condone the procedure". Critics say there is no convincing evidence that lipo-dissolve is effective or safe and they warn patients to stay away from fat-loss shots.
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